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Bathroom: Bliss for the bathroom

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Here's a quick and easy little thing that you'll thank me for later. You probably already have everything you need sitting in your pantry or cabinets, so there's likely not even a trip to Wally World necessary to accomplish this fun little project! And: BONUS! It takes less than 5 minutes. So yay! -- on multiple levels -- for you! :)

I don't know if you've seen the incredibly funny advertisements for a product that promises to hide your "personal scent" in the restroom? (Can we just leave it at that? Because southern girls don't really like to talk about bathroom things. Our mommas taught us that that was not ladylike, so...) If you haven't, you really do need to google Poo-Pourri. It will make you laugh for days. And perhaps you will prefer to just buy their product rather than create a similar one.

ANYWAY, apparently, the reason those products work is because a layer or fragranced oil on top of the toilet's water sort of traps "scents" under the water.

Which means that all you have to do to make your own is:

  1. Buy spray bottles at your local Wally World for a buck.

  2. Buy your favorite scented oil -- I get mine at the same Wally World for about $5-$6. Usually near pharmacy, they have an essential oils section. Pick your favorite scent. I like orange/citrus. (If you sell oils, please don't email me about the benefits of real oils as opposed to mass market ones. I am just not your target market. I love you. Use your oils. But that is just not my thing.)

  3. Drop 30-60 drops in the spray bottle. The number depends on how big the hole is in your oil bottle. Basically you want to have 1/8" - 1/4" of oil or so...

  4. Top off the bottle with water.

  5. Shake it up. Spray it to see if it smells strong enough. If not, add more oil.

And this is how you use it: Spray it onto the top of the water prior to sitting down on the toilet. Do your thing. Flush.

Miraculously, shockingly, surprisingly... it DOES work! And you can spray it into the air too if you like! :)


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