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Kitchen: One quick and easy gift you can give yourself today

Clutter has a way of sapping your energy. Think about it: you open up the drawer, closet, pantry, room and see piles of junk everywhere. Where does that send you? Straight into the Land of I-Can't-Even.

Conversely, when you open that same space and see order, you feel FREE! Or maybe that's just me because I'm a little weird.

So why don't we assume that I'm not the only weirdo in the world and maybe, just maybe, other people like me exist in the universe. And, given that assumption, let me give you a little freedom by way of a very easy task.

You can do this one in less than 30 minutes, and it will give you such joy! I promise!

Here's what you do: Walk into your kitchen. Open the refrigerator door. BEHOLD! So. many. things. you can throw away with reckless abandon.

Let's get real here. Because I have a few questions.

* Do you actually need that many bottles of condiments? Or is 83 too many? Combine them, toss them, be disgusted by the things growing in them after 5 years in your fridge... and move on with your life.

* What is the disgusting, oozing glob-of-something in The Sogger? (Side query: Why do they call it a "Crisper"? It is where vegetables go to die and ooze. They don't stay "crisp" there. Soggy, yes. Crisp, no. But I digress...) Anyway. It doesn't need to be in your life anymore. Out it goes in tomorrow's trash!

* Why do you still own yogurt that is growing a forest? You are not trying to find a cure for cancer, so stop growing things in the fridge this very instant.

* When do you plan to eat those mashed potatoes anyway? They were on the table 3 weeks ago, so perhaps the time has come and gone...

I think we all grasp the point here. If you were to grab the trashcan, pull it in close, and start tossing, you would very quickly have a space that is emptied of clutter (and smells -- ewww!). And it would quite possibly motivate you to move 3 feet over to the junk drawer that has been causing you nightmares for so long.

Less than 30 minutes. That's all you need. You'll thank me once you're done. You'll be so proud of it that you'll take a picture and post it to FaceBook!

Now go start filling that trash can, Sister! Empty refrigerator shelves await!


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