• Gina

Life: Make time for JOY

I love to create things. Whether it's with words, fabric, paint, wood, string, or ceramics, I like to make something out of nothing. It calms me. Creating brings me peace. It calls to me.

Unfortunately, I am also a to-do list maker. And as the co-pilot of a large family, there is always a lengthy to-do list lying on my desk. It never is completed, and it grows on a daily basis. It also calls to me.

And therein lies the conflict. I want to create, but I also need to accomplish the things that keep our family moving in a forward direction.

This week, my mind was swimming. I was evaluating house plans for the house we will begin building soon. I was trying to finish my website, order business cards, and finalize details for Bless This Mess. I was planning meals, running errands, mailing packages, picking up library books, paying bills... all the myriad details of running my life.

But I decided to put all of that on hold while I got out my paints, brushes, nails, and string. And as I sat there in silence making little Christmas ornaments and moving paint across a canvas, I felt the calm that comes with creating.

And I made a decision: I WILL MAKE TIME FOR THIS.

The laundry can wait. I can pay the bills tonight. I will make appointments a little later. I can deal with email clutter another day. But I need to start prioritizing the things that bring me joy. And I need to stop feeling guilty about it.

SO. What is YOUR thing? What brings YOU joy?

Figure that out. And make time for it. I am of the opinion that making time for your own joyful outlet will make you a better parent, a better spouse, a better person.

It might not be painting or sewing. Maybe it's taking a walk or reading a book or putting a puzzle together. Maybe it's cooking. (Though I truly cannot fathom how THAT could be calming and joy-inducing!)

Whatever your "thing" is, make a few minutes for it over the course of your upcoming week. Without guilt! (That no guilt part is key and essential!)

Then wholeheartedly embrace the peace and joy and calm that ensues from you doing something that you enjoy, just for the sake of enjoying it. Just because you want to. :)


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