• Gina

Life: You made your bed. No need to lie in it.

Starting the day off right is so simple:

Make your bed.


It's not rocket science, People. But when you start the day off with that one, simple (EASY!) task, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

There are lots of reasons why I say this. Here are a few:

It's not easy to crawl back into the bed when you went to the trouble of making it already.

Within moments of waking up, you've already accomplished something with your day.

It gives you a few moments to focus on something while you're waking up and getting your blood flowing. A few moments to get your brain slowly turned on and in gear. A few moments to begin mapping out the next few minutes of your morning.

Your room will instantly look cleaner, neater, tidier -- and that helps set a calmer mood for you as you begin your day because you're not surrounded my messiness and chaos. Instead, neatness and order are in your field of vision.

This is the very first thing I do every single morning. Before I change clothes, put on my slippers, go to the bathroom, or make a cup of coffee, I make my bed. Every single morning.

Give it a shot!


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