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Storage: Trash bag treasure

I credit my sister-in-law for this idea. But it really is handy.

So I tend to be a Tree Hugger, and I'm not ashamed of it. I love enjoying the beautiful things that the earth has to offer my eyes and ears and all my other senses, so I'm doing my dead-level best to preserve her for the long term.

And that involves reusing and repurposing.

I have reusable bags, but I often forget them. And I also tend to be a curbside delivery gal when it's grocery-buying time, so I end up with 80 bazillion plastic bags. They get wadded up and they take up a lot of space in the spot you store them. Then you go to grab one, and 5 come out with it. I find that annoying.

Until now. I wind them up into a ball, and tuck the handle around the little wad to keep it tight and hold it together, then drop them into a basket. The next time I want one, I get exactly one.

AND BONUS: the space they call home looks a lot neater and tidier.

AND BONUS #2: if you use them as trash bags, they don't get all caught up in the currently-in-use trash bag when you go to remove it for trash day. The little trash bag wads stay at the bottom of the trash receptacle, underneath, all ready for their day in the sun as the holder of the garbage. :)

I get it that this is not life altering or a clutter containing revolution. It's a little thing that makes me happy. And when I have those things in my life, I take pictures of them and write little blog posts to share them with anyone bored enough to read the things I write in my little corner of the world.

So take it or leave it! This is my jam when it comes to plastic bags.

Btw: if you need some Tree Hugger ideas on what to do with them, I mostly wrap wet diapers in them and tie them up before dropping them in the trash can because I hate for my bathroom to smell like urine. Yuck. Ditto for wrapping up raw chicken bits.

All my trash cans have these hanging out in the bottom. I also keep them in my car console because trash seems to magically materialize inside my ride and messy stuff seems to always happen there as well. I store them in a bag in my kitchen for cooking grossness, underneath bathroom sinks where my baby disposes of his pull-ups, and with the dog leash for when we take our pooch on walks. But always always always, I like them to be in little spherical wads!


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