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Why am I here?

That isn't a deep, theological question, although it might be fun to delve into that sometime! But I mean it more from the standpoint of why am I writing this blog? I'm a writer by training. I have a real-deal, legit degree in it. I even have a published piece here and there, and I can write an AMAZING customer service/customer complaint letter when I get hot about something.

But really I'm here because I have spent the greater part of my adulthood trying to streamline day-to-day life, to make it more efficient, to make things run more smoothly. Once little short people began to be added into the mix, I had to work a little harder to maintain that crazy-to-sane ratio. More often than not, crazy won out.

Now I'm older and wiser -- and the older wiser me is learning that years are a gift and not a curse. So why not share some of the lessons, tips, and tricks I've learned over the course of time as a Home Economist. (I love that term!)

Therefore, this, blog readers, is going to be the place where I deposit quick and easy "Helpful Hints from Heloise" as I call them. When I stumble upon a nifty trick that works in some area of life, I'm going to throw a little blog post on here about it.

They will be short. Because ain't nobody got time to read a novella about laundry solutions! But we can all spare a few moments to read a few, short paragraphs, right? ESPECIALLY if it makes Mt. Laundry slightly less daunting and scary!

They will not be rocket science. I'm not reinventing the wheel, here, but sometimes one person thinks of something that another person hasn't. And even though it's not rocket science, it IS kinda handy for the person who now has a new idea to implement into their lives. So sometimes you will read one of my posts and think, "well, duh," and that's totally cool. Not every idea is helpful to every reader. :)

SO. Read on, Crusaders for Chaos-Free Living. I'll see if I can toss a few good ideas your way! (Or if I have only ideas you've already thought of, at least you'll possibly get a chuckle out of something that happens along the way as I stumble through my own life as shared here in this forum!)


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