This client had an area of her home which had become a dumping ground for papers and items she didn't know what to do with. Life was busy and full and a wee-bit chaotic. Those were all GOOD THINGS, but they prevented her from ever tackling this overwhelming job. Therefore, it just kept building and growing over time. Ultimately, it was causing her added stress -- because every time she walked past the area, she placed it back on her mental to-do list. But when would she ever find time to get around to the monumental task of organizing the area amid all her other, much more urgent day-to-day responsibilities? 


I suggested we make this area her "Mission Control" -- the hub of her household for storage of important papers, calendars, and work or school-related items. With a place to organize everything, items could be quickly and easily located, saving her time and also some of her sanity. I used some storage items she already owned, added a few more, and... 


Voila! We ended up with a useful, organized, visually appealing area! And, bonus points because she no longer becomes stressed when she walks past this spot! And THAT is a good thing because everyone knows that when Momma is happy and stress-free, everyone else is, too!


This is an example of one of the many services I offer to my clients. Here, a client had a mountain of paperwork that had piled up over the years. What was necessary to keep? What could be tossed? It filled a large cabinet drawer and was taking up valuable real estate in her home, but she just couldn't get around to dealing with the situation because it would require hours of sorting, shredding, and filing. Who has time for THAT while working and raising a family? So I offered to help her out. 


Even though paperwork seems like a scary thing to entrust to another person, you can rest assured that I am willing to help -- WITHOUT putting my nose into your business! My client gave me the categories she wanted me to organize the items into, and I proceeded to sort and cull her drawer full of paperwork. When it was all completed, I had no idea how much she spent on what products at what stores because I was able to sort everything by looking at the date and store/company's name at the top of each item. I destroyed the items from the date range she gave me, and I filed all the rest. Now her former drawer filled with paperwork fits into a small accordion file folder, and she has loads of extra space -- both mental and physical!    


I have a large family -- 8 of us in total, plus a dog and a tarantula. (I've been told a cat or a fish is in the plan for the future, but the jury's still out on that one.) 


ANYWAY. My bathroom closet is where I store most toiletry items. This is because I am a control freak, and I like to have a visual of what my family is using, how often, and how much. Otherwise, I would constantly be being asked to go the store RIGHT NOW to get soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, or some other indispensable item which we is completely depleted, and which I had no idea we were running low on.


Because of the number of toiletries I purchase, this space can get crowded. (Go big or go home, people! I buy LOTS of EVERYTHING because I hate to shop!) Previously, my shelves were stacked and filled to overflowing with shampoos and conditioners, soaps and lotions, paper products and medicines. It felt as if they would all come tumbling out upon you when you opened the doors. 


SO. I dumped everything out on the counter, threw away half of it, and organized the rest into bins with easy-to-read labels. Sadly, there is no "before" photo because I forgot to take one, but this is the end result. Now I can put my hands on the exact item I need within seconds. And the side benefit is this: if I ever get stressed, I can just go look at this closet area and feel instantly calm again!


Often, life gets in the way of our to-do list. So we may have every intention of tackling the paperwork, files, or clutter in our home, but family activities, the needs of our children and spouse, or the day-to-day errands and work that are required to make our house function prevent us from getting around to it. That's where I come in! I file and sort your papers. I fill boxes with items that I think you can do without. (I even haul them away for you!) I organize items into boxes by category so they can be more easily taken to the room in your house where they actually belong. I fill boxes with things that need to be thrown away. I tell you what furniture to remove or give away. I organize your drawers so you can find the highlighters without digging through the pencils first.  


As you can see in these before and after pictures, I leave your space with the same essential feel that it had before. It's still your space. Your memorabilia and special photos are still on the shelves. Your favorite things are still in place. The books you reach for on a daily basis are still right where you left them. The only difference is that it is more orderly, and less cluttered. It is visually pleasing to look at. Peaceful. Calm. Order has a way of bringing about that feeling! Let me help you achieve that same sensation when you walk into YOUR rooms, too! 


Closets are often used for more than just storing clothing. They are a great place to hide things that you want to be out of sight. Unfortunately, the old adage is true: "Out of sight, out of mind." And in the case of closets and clutter, that often adds up over time until a closet has reached the point of overflowing. A useful storage space is now useLESS. In this situation, I dump out all the boxes. I organize the items and label them clearly for the home owner. In the above closet, I left a box of bags, toys, clothing, scrapbooks, framed family portraits, electronics, craft supplies... you get the idea. Since it is not my own home, I am not able to put everything that I locate away in its ideal spot. BUT I can make it quick and easy for my clients to put those items away in lightning speed because I do all the sorting for you! Instead of seeing an overwhelming, overflowing closet, I leave you a few boxes with labels for where they belong and what is inside, so you can just walk them to the bathroom and put the items away. Or scoot over to the playroom and put the toys in their places. The sorting is really the time-consuming and frustrating part, so I do that for you! And all that is left behind once you put your items in the appropriate room is SPACE! 


We all have them. The drawers in our home where we just toss things to get them out of the way because we don't know what to do with them -- or because company is coming over and we want to look like we have our lives together! :) 

This is one of the most common things I do! I dump out the contents, I sort all the items, I determine what would best corral those items, and I then make the drawer more orderly and user-friendly. I usually also leave behind a box filled with all the extra pens and staples and notepads that you

won't live enough lifetimes to actually consume. That box I label "Unnecessary" and I encourage you to be brave and just throw it out! 

No longer will you have to dig through all the unsharpened pencils to find a permanent marker or a roll of tape. Everything will be right there at your fingertips! 

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