Assess It!

Sometimes the hardest part of organizing your home is simply getting started. I will meet with you in your home to provide you with an estimate of the time and cost that your project will involve, and to offer some ideas for ways we can make your space more orderly. If my plan is agreeable to you, I will arrange to come back to your home to work with you as we achieve the desired result: a space you can be happy with. I'll hold your hand (so to speak!) every step of the way as we tackle the task before us! 

Toss It!

If getting started is the hardest part of an organized home, getting rid of items can be the second most difficult piece of the puzzle. This is where a second set of eyes is crucial, and that's where I come in. I will help you determine what needs to stay -- and what needs to go -- so that you are left with only your favorite and most special items. This will free you to fully enjoy those treasures because they will no longer be buried beneath all the things you don't hold quite so dearly. But I will never urge you to part with an item which you don't feel comfortable relinquishing. I am receptive to the feelings of each client and allow you to make the final decision on what to keep, and what to toss! ​

Organize It!

Once we have sorted and tossed, we will proceed to the organization phase. I work with my clients to determine what methods work best for their individual personalities and needs. This phase will likely involve baskets, bins, boxes, and dividers -- and I will assist you in finding and purchasing the ones that I believe will work best in your particular space and given your specific needs. If we find we need to install additional shelving, I provide this service as well, so there will be no delay on finishing your organization project. I am even able to offer customized organizational solutions at an additional cost if you so desire because my husband is an accomplished cabinet and furniture maker!

Remove It!

Once we have completed the task of sorting items in your home, I provide you with the optional service of removing your items and disposing, donating, reusing, or recycling them for you. When I leave your home and your newly organized space, you will not be left to deal with the daunting task of disposing of bags and boxes filled with items that were part of the "Toss it!" phase of the project.

Treasure It!

I am an incredibly sentimental person. Memorabilia and items given to me by special people can be difficult to part with, but often they are taking up valuable space in our home. I can offer you unique ways to repurpose or reuse those special items -- or to save them in a different way. For an additional cost, I will create scrapbooks of your special items, quilts of your souvenir t-shirts, or various other customized displays of your treasures so that you can still visibly hold onto your memories without sacrificing valuable real estate in your home to do so.

Plan It!

Most of us have heard the saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This couldn't be more accurate than when it is in reference to home organization. Prior to my departure, I will assist you in determining an organizational strategy that works for you and your family. Otherwise, all our hard work and your investment will fall apart within a few weeks. So we will work together to make an effective, efficient plan for your newly organized space to ensure that you don't find yourself requiring my services again in six months!

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