I am a passionate person. And I love to talk. When I put my passions behind a microphone on a stage, I am in my happy place. I love to speak on Adoption (and related items such as special needs parenting and interracial families), Family (dating, marriage, parenting), Womanhood (friendships, comparison, "Mom Wars," contentment, hospitality), and Following Jesus (stepping out of our comfort zones, stewardship and finances, engaging the culture, caring for the marginalized, and a thousand other topics!). 


Are you in need of a speaker for your upcoming event? I could be your girl! (And, yes, I am available to travel if given enough advance notice!) Contact me and let's discuss what I might have to offer your group on topics such as these: 


Adoption is a monumental part of our family's story. For us, that story looks like special needs adoption across racial lines. It has also involved older children and temporary parenting that resembles foster care in many ways. Adoption has been, without a doubt, the greatest decision we've ever made as a family, and it has been the most amazing journey we've ever embarked upon. It has been difficult and overwhelming at times, to be sure. But it has also been incredible all the same. There are so many facets of that story to share: what led to it, the process, the journey, the aftermath, the lessons learned, the changes to our family and our faith.  


Dating. Marriage. Parenthood.
All of these are part of family. And family is a cornerstone upon which so much of society is based. Dating leads to marriage. Marriage leads to parenting. Parenthood eventually leads to children who date and get married as the cycle continues. I am passionate about helping build strong families: from the very beginning stage during dating, into marriage, and onward into parenthood. I draw heavily upon my own dating, marriage, and parenting experiences for my talks on these subjects in groups of women ranging in age from late teens into older adulthood.   


Being a woman is not easy, especially in a day that is so marked by the scrutiny and advice of others through social media. There are so many demands made upon our time, so many expectations placed upon us, and so many voices telling us who and what we should be. But it doesn't have to be that way! It is possible to break away from all that pressure, becoming who we were created to be: fully ourselves, fully women, fully FREE. I have learned many things the hard way during my own journey through womanhood, motherhood, and life. I share these lessons learned in hopes of inspiring and encouraging other women who are also on the journey.

Following Jesus

My relationship with Jesus colors every aspect of my life, but it is not always easy to follow Jesus. It can be scary and uncertain. Many voices tell us lies and try to lead us to believe things that are simply not true. In this world and during this time it is especially important to know what is TRUE, and to walk in that truth with Jesus by our sides, leading the way. Over the course of my life, I have followed Jesus into some places that frightened me, but I would not change any of it because it has made my faith stronger in the process. I have so much to share on this topic as I encourage women to do hard things and trust Jesus as they walk boldly and courageously into places of uncertainty!

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